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Jamaica Beach Newsletter

Our new family fun area.

Our new family fun area includes Ladder Golf, Tetherball, Horseshoes and outdoor movie theater.

Our new pool at night

Our New outdoor movie theater

Jamaica Beach RV Parks New Outdoor Movie Theater. Our screen is 16 x 10.

RV Park with new sites

Ten reasons why to stay at the Jamaica Beach RV Park

Ten reasons why to stay at the Jamaica Beach RV Park in Galveston TX,
1 The only Park with a Hot tub .
2 The only park that offers FREE Wi-Fi.
3. The only park with FREEcable TV.
4. Rated by Good sam as top 200 parks in USA
5. The only park with all concrete pull thru sites.
6. The only park with a indoor and outdoor exercise equipment.
7. The Only Park with planned winter actives.
8. We guarantee we have the nicest and cleanest Bathrooms in town.
9. Great friendly staff that care about you and your stay.
10. We are in the middle of adding on, Next year we will have Two Swimming pools, 1 Hot Tub and two bathhouses.

Air photos

The Jamaica Beach RV Park  is across the street from the beach. You can drive or walk to the beach easily.  If you wish to drive to the beach, you can park on the beach for free about a 1000 feet of parking. 

Cleaning the electrical line.

We have not had rain in about 3 months and we our getting a salt build up on the insulators. 

Gary's Birthday

Gary H. birthday stays at the rv for the winter.

Shearing the Alpacas

We have to shear the alpacas twice a year in the summertime so they do not get hot.

Air photos 7/14/10


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